Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Terrorist all over the world have signed their own death certificates. Why waste the terrorist lives? Buy an insurance on thier lives and get the money out of them for the terror they have have caused. Of course, to perform this, the insurance company has to be a terrorist company as well. Don’t pursue the terrorrist and terror cause, once again, I mention the terrorist world wide have signed their own death certificates. I am General J Chan or known as General Junt Hoong Chan or known as General Chan Junt Hoong of the United States Army. I am also known as martyr or God and owner of the planet Earth and planets around the universe. Please liaise with the religious authorities or your Governments to know the details. The planet is known as Planet J. There is a term, “Roman blood on Roman soil, and there is another term, Chan Junt Hoong’s blood on Chan Junt Hoong’s soil, J Chan’s blood on J Chan’s soil, Junt Hoong Chan’s blood on Junt Hoong Chan’s soil.”

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