Thursday, April 7, 2016

Camera Photographs from my Canon Power Shot and Mobile Phones compared to previous devices utilizing films and lenses before digital imaging. My Small Office Home Office of EngineeeringComputerWorks and Engineering and Computer Works and Engineering Trade Works in Housing Development Board HDB Flat in Singapore in Admiralty, Woodlands, Singapore. , , , , Going through the digital photographs, it's noticable that the pictures from the digital camera can cause the mind to think it looks like a younger picture of one self, a more picturesque person of one self, a more handsome and younger person, or even look like a girl from the method or angle the photograph is taken and the method light flows into the digital sensor in the cameras, not as fast as the speed of light as in the old lense and film cameras which would have produced a better and a real image from the lenses in any angle due to light going through lenses and pictured onto the film. The number of digital calculations involved in Digital Signal Processing at one time from a picture, may not be fast enough to capture a slight shake of the camera or from another angle, or more complex angle which may result in the picture looking like something more beautiful or less than reality. Do not be cheated, for the picture pictured may not have captured the real scene even though it's really the true scenario. Thank you. Written by Junt Hoong Chan MIET MIEEE CEng.

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