Thursday, April 21, 2016

'+' Charges or Positron as known in Chemical Engineering and Atomic Engineering Solutions and utilised in understanding of Engineering. Engineering and Logical methods in Real and Imaginery Theories in Engineering and Control Solutions are utilised here. Killing a Dracula or Chinese Dracula or Pontianak using methods shown in movies eg. hammering a silver stake or sharp silver stake into the dead body of a Dracula, or by methods not shown including new findings of placing imaginery positrons or imaginery positive charges on your fingers and placing into the mouth or skull, dracula , chinese dracula or pontianak or any opening in the dracula's skull or dracula's body. The movie that was a superb movie known as Matrice filmed in 2000 or 2001 and it's continuation in animations and movies has a hole on the skull and an equipment that caused a stir when the hole on the skull is filled. By imagining positrons or positive charges on the imaginery stake or the symbol '+' which means positive charges, there is a possibility that the Dracula will disappear and be removed.

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