Wednesday, April 13, 2016

There is a analogous theory between the Dragon Valley and the Mid Range of Himalayans in which these are called Dragons in the mountains or sleeping dragons that have been turned into marble, stone and rock forming mountains and the Himalayans Range, which I have heard from stories of long ago and hear and say of people. Analogous to this theory, I have a toned stomach which shows a slight muscular 6-pack showing a mountain range on my stomach and body, and called muscle everywhere or even with people who exercise daily. And again analogous to that, this statement would mean that I have a Dragon Range of mountains made out of muscle on my body. I would therefore mention that I am a Dragon, rightly mentioned. Else I am also known by other names and terms in the rest of the world. By Chan Junt Hoong MIET MIEEE CEng.

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